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Security And Automation
Security and automation can save your time and costing to business and you get good ROI. Any automation gives you more time to work on marketing, producing products with quality and managing stock automatically. In Security and automation, we provide end to end solutions to keep your organization safe and secure from theft and bound your entire employees to work within the time frame provided. Explore our Security and automation solutions.
  • Time attendance Machine – bound your employees to reach office in time and allows you to manage large no of employee’s data and their salary in no time.
  • CCTV Surveillance – make capable you in handling no of locations in one time. You may keep your eye on all activities happening in the organization.
  • Access Control Systems – allows you to prevent un authorized access to a certain area, where only auth. Person should go.
  • Firewall & Network Security – allows you to maintain data traffic more efficiently. So that only auth person can use your network and share the appropriate files from server.
  • IP Camera’s Surveillance – Where high end and clear picture is required to keep your surveillance on different or large area. IP Camera’s can reduce your costing and enhance the quality for you.