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Other Offerings
Explore our training and professional development offerings, and discover a wealth of resources to help you the most of your smart products. Our Training can help you and your team to improve productivity, timely approach, and team management including how to perform in front of customers with soft skills to get more interaction. Our Professional Training covers no of techniques/ courses, but the more famous are;
Automated Managed Services
  • Deliever fast and reliable IT solutions.
  • Complete outsourcing of IT Infrastructure.
Hire an IT Professional
  • Certified & Experienced proffessional for help desk management,Project management and IT Infrastructure support.
  • Complete outsourcing of IT Infrastructure.
E Commerce Mangement
  • Help in developing ecommerce project but also provide you CRM support for handling orders,queries,complaints,replacements,claims
  • Provide Call Center support and relative operations for customers and internal team to handle all queries,orders complaints and all operations.
Annual Maintenance Contract
  • We cover entire country for all brands and periperals support.
  • We provide immediate solutions in IT product failure.
IT Support on cloud
  • Help in maintaining cost,secured access,endless possibilities.
  • Provide hazel free and proactive remote support.
Mobile Device Management
  • Mange tablets and smart phones.
  • Acces all reports,files,billing,meetings,mails