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MS Advanced Excel Training
The Microsoft Advanced Excel Training course, follow up from the beginners Excel 2010 course to extent possibilities into features and functions to this powerful spreadsheet software.
In this course, you will learn all possibilities in excel even faster than ever. You will learn to use maximum formula to make your spreadsheet faster and accurate like AVERAGE, SUMIF and many more. You will learn about performing LOOKUPS with HLOOKUPS and VLOOKUPS. This training also covers spark lines, and goes in depth with PIVOT Tables and charts. Please find the below detailed points will be covered under this training program.

  • Beginners Introductions: It Will Cover the Basic Detail about the MS Excel
  • Basic Formatting.
  • Absolute & Cell Referencing.
  • Conditional Formatting.
  • Naming Ranges & Cells.
  • Auto Filter & Advances Data Filtering.
  • Introduction to Pivot Table.
  • Advanced Pivot Table: Round 1
  • Advanced Pivot Table: Round 2
  • Creating & Designing Charts
  • Data Validation.
  • Formula Editing.
  • Five Powerful Excel Tips.
  • Error Checking & Data Monitoring.