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Enterprise Resource Planning
Today Organizations needs for the managing the business is versatile, where business processes extended beyond the challenges in the daily need. It becomes imperative for you to adopt the latest solution to ensure 100% business control & transparency at the lowest running cost. Today ERP Solution is the best application to integrate all business operations i.e. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance and HR Management.
  • Integrated Solutions for Manufacturing Units.
  • Integrated Solutions for Financial Management.
  • Integrated Solutions for supply Chain Management.
  • Integrated Solutions for Human Resource Management.
  • Project Management & Process Control.
Integrated Solution for Manufacturing Units.
At HANU, We provide the comprehensive & feature rich product that allows you with the wide range of capabilities and design to match your requirements in most simple and effective manner for production process. Manufacturer can get the benefit from the comprehensive estimate, engineering change management, planning, scheduling, and execution and controlling over final costing. While manufacturer can control over co-product, by-product, weight, yields, shelf life and integration with manufacturing process and much more. The entire product life cycle is looked as a unified process, where several sources of evaluations are monitored and controlled to ensure the configuration or detailing is meeting with the customer requirement.
Integrated Solution for Supply Chain Management When you need to manage inflow and outflow of number of products, HANU (SCM) can help you to maintain the sales inventory, minimum inventory, shipping, and warehouse management. Our SCM comprised of purchasing, subcontracting, inventory, sales and shipping empowers you to get overall business visibility, so that you can manage and optimize inventory to synchronize supply management as per the customer demand. You can access reports, pre booking orders, holdings, demand & supply network in real time.
  • Integrate & Automate business operations through supply chain management in real time.
  • Monitor more efficiently product supply with lesser cost and fast delivery to your customers and suppliers through supply chain management.
  • Manage demand and supply according to the current market scenario more efficiently.
Integrated Solution for Financial Management. At HANU, We provide the comprehensive and self controlled financial process to improve your financial tasks into well systematic, automated process. Our Financial Management program helps you to in all financial activities like General Accounting, Fixed Assets Management, Payable – Receivables management and financial services provide liberty for dealing with different countries tax regulations. Whether you are running a single company or multinational operations, our application allows you to monitor all your financial operations across the enterprise.
  • Automate all your financial operations end-to-end with integrated Financial Management for multi-country, multi-currency with respective to multi tax regulation.
  • Monitor your bottom line & maintain your funds liquidity keeping financial stability and maximizing profitability.
Integrated Solution for Human Resource Management At HANU, we understand the importance of team management processes. Create your workforce across the organization as per the business values or requirement along with the tools and framework to manage the data from the recruitment to retirement. Our Human Resource Management program helps you to know the employees performance, employee’s satisfactions, attrition reasons and much more. So that you can plan strategically & effectively your future recruitment, retention, trainings and promotions for your workforce.
  • your traditional ways to handle your employees into efficient process of assigning them for the specific requirement.
  • Monitor more efficiently product supply with lesser cost and fast delivery to your customers and suppliers through supply chain management.
  • Compare workforce performance to build the strategy for competitiveness and performance.