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Cloud Solutions
Simplify Your IT – Less Maintenance, easier manageability and faster setup.: Cloud Computing allows businesses to buy the services they need as they need them, which lowers operating costs while providing them with the flexibility for scaling their operations as business demands increase. Eliminate software confusion by running programs in a virtual environment, which allows your staff to use the same interface on any computer anywhere in the world. Then, of course, there is the ability to decrease the reliance on in-house servers and infrastructure, and the maintenance costs and space associated with them. At Microsoft we say: simplify your IT.
SMBs no longer need to invest a great deal in IT support and maintenance. The Cloud empowers them to focus on their core competencies and less on IT overhead.

Communicate and Collaborate – The Right tool to boost your business productivity.:
if small and medium-sized businesses not only want to survive but thrive, they will need to be proactive in gaining their competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Using online services will give your company the tools it needs to increase collaboration between you, your employees and third party service providers. Collaboration results in faster turnaround times and higher quality work. When your exceptional work is paired with your company’s ability to reach its target audience via social networks, the possibilities for your success increase greatly.
Microsoft Cloud services provide web-enabled tools that allow you to access email, documents, contacts, and calendars from virtually anywhere, on almost any device. Your co-workers and clients can attend meetings online and communicate via built-in video chat and instant messaging – no matter where they are.
Microsoft Office 365 brings together online versions of the best communication and collaboration tools from Microsoft.
Security – Safeguard what make your business great – Protect your computers wherever they are.:
The arrival of Cloud computing for businesses has raised many questions about privacy and data security. The SMBs who have tried Cloud computing have found that the benefits of Cloud computing speak for themselves. As a direct result, they report that they are more efficient, more productive, more flexible, more responsive, have saved money, and become more profitable. Microsoft’s cloud-based Intune allows you to protect your business from security threats. With Intune you can deploy updates and applications through the Cloud, which allows you to secure your PCs from malware and viruses much more effectively than before as well as perform security and management tasks remotely from a web-based console.
Grow – Scale effortlessly and at the right time – Be ready when your business is ready.: Only Cloud computing provides a scalable environment that can help your SMB to quickly meet its needs, with an affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model that eliminates the need for over-investment in IT. The Vanson Bourne study found that the widespread adoption of the Internet plays a central role in the growth of European businesses. The ease in finding a market for your product coupled with the low cost of entry has made it easier than ever for businesses to sell beyond their doorstep.
Microsoft Cloud products support businesses with convenient customer management tools, which allow them to develop faster, more profitable sales and ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Hosted in the Cloud, there’s no new in-house IT or admin hassle. Get new sales leads as soon as tomorrow by switching over today for a simple monthly price.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Helping you improve the way you drive sales, manage marketing and deliver customer service.