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Integrated Windows Application
At HANU, we provide predesigned and order based windows applications to get fit into your work profile. We have structured integrated windows application which suits your all working transactions like stock-in and out, billing, purchasing, payments, receipts and all other related features. Our Hotel Management software can maintain all your hotel transactions including all department like Purchase, Store, Banquets, BAR, Restaurants Billing, Room Reservation and billing, so that you can monitor all data in real time. Similarly, we have predesigned School Management Software keeping all school related transactions from admission to passing out including library, Transportation, fees, examinations, results, certifications, security etc. Over and above we can design customized application as per your need for best suitable architecture to perform well in completion without burning hole into your pocket.
  • Customized and secured windows application capable to your business needs with ease.
  • Automate your business transactions to do more things in one time to build a competitive strength for organization.
  • 24 x 7 email and phone support for uninterrupted operations.